Movie Review: Star Wars the Last Jedi

Graham Otten

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi, released December 15, 2017, is the 8th episode of the movie series. It is the second movie in the “Sequel Trilogy,” and many people went into it with mixed reactions. A common review on its predecessor is that is was too similar to its “original series counterpart” (Star Wars: A New Hope). However, many were glad to see that The Last Jedi did not follow the pattern, so many feared it would. “I feel like The Last Jedi really followed its own story structure, whereas the force awakens really derived a lot from The New Hope,” said one Star Wars fan.

Another noticeable aspect of The Last Jedi is its length. The movie is the longest Star Wars movie so far with its total run time coming to 152 minutes before considering previews at the beginning of the film. The next longest movie is Attack of the Clones, coming in at 142 minutes and the shortest movie,  A New Hope coming in at only 122 minutes, a whole 30 minutes less than The Last Jedi.

This movie has been met with mixed response on the treatment of its characters and the usefulness of some of its scenes. However, it still contains captivating battles both in space and on the ground. If you are a Star Wars fan, this movie is a must watch; however don’t go in with any expectations, because all of them will be disproved.

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