Homecoming Week

Dillon Weidner

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Thales Academy Rolesville held its very first Homecoming Week, which started out with a great bang. The administration here hid a series of clues throughout the school during Homecoming Week (January 22-26). The high schoolers were tasked with using the clues given during the morning announcements to find an object hidden somewhere in the school. High schoolers were given time during the beginning of each day to find the object, in which they were given the reward of giving a disadvantage to a grade level. These disadvantages would affect the high schoolers in the competition on Friday at the end of the week. The Senior class ended up winning this part of the competition. The athletic portion of the competition consisted of a basketball shooter, the brainiac, and the scooter person. It was a race to see who could answer the question, scoot across the gym floor, shoot a basketball into the basket, and scoot back across the gym floor. The Junior class ended up winning this part of the competition. Homecoming king, queen, princes, and princesses for all the grade levels were elected as well. Another event that happened during Homecoming Week was the high school grade levels were assigned a hallway upstairs to decorate. The most spirited hallway won the prize, which happened to be the Sophomore class. Lastly, everyone was allowed to wear what they wanted that pertained to the theme for the day. For example, on Military Monday, students got to dress up in red, white, blue, or camouflage. During this week, no high schooler was required to wear normal dress code. There was also a homecoming basketball game after school. In conclusion, all the high schoolers had a blast as this was a new event for all the high schoolers.

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