Fall Pep Rally

Kenzie Wilkes

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It was September 15th, 2017, and everybody was so excited because it was the last day of school before track out. But everybody got a lot more hyped up when they realized there was going to be a pep rally! Everybody got into the gym and after a little while,we all got settled for the pep rally to start. Ms. Rathvon and the pep squad came out and impressed the crowd. Ms. Rathvon did a bunch of back handsprings, which made the crowd go even crazier! I bet the whole city could hear the screaming and hollering from the gym! After that, a bunch of people competed in some games. The band impressed the crowd with their awesome music. Everybody was ecstatic when three students got to pie Mr. Harris, Ms. Cynar and, Mr. Quakenbos in the face. I think everybody could agree that was one of the best pep rallies.

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