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Have you heard? You likely have. Music is traveling through the air. Band is preparing for its annual Christmas concert. Throughout the periods of fifth through eighth, with a break for lunch, you can hear Christmas songs and medleys. When your classroom is silent, you can hear the bellow of the low woodwinds and brass. Also, if you are lucky, you could even hear the high pitched, light, and airy sound of the flute, and every instrument in between.


Directed by Ms.VanKleek, all levels of band, sixth, seventh, eighth, and high school, practice their music to its fullest. Focused on musical dynamics and sound blending, high school and eighth grade bands challenge their skill with long compilations of many classic Christmas songs. Seventh grade band is preparing for a cooperative piece with the higher level bands. Sixth grade band, the largest of all, is working on new musical notation for their first concert of the year.

The Christmas concert is on Thursday, December seventh. Admission is free for those who wish to come.

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