Junior High & High School Cross Country Overview

Grayson Sakell, Writer

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With the Cross Country season coming to a close, it is only fitting that a look back is taken to each individual meet. (It should be noted that, like in golf, the team/person with the least amount of points wins).


Meet 1 vs. Endeavor (8/15) JH: We won! Bella Frey came in first, Izzy Grande in second, and Cassie Pratt in third for the Thales girls team. Hayes Weatherman came in first, Jonathan Gay came in second, and Nate Williams came in third for the boys team.

Meet 1 vs. Garner Homeschool (8/17) HS: The first win for the high school team marked the start of a very successful season.


Meet 2 vs. Thales Apex (8/23) JH: Another victory! The first place girl was our own Bella Frey, in second was Cassie Pratt, and Maddie Wilson made third. The first place boy was Hayes Weatherman, second was Graves Boyer, and third was Nate Williams.

Meet 2 Thales Apex (8/23) HS: The high school team won this meet against our de facto rival, Thales Apex, in a landslide victory of 17 to 42.


Meet 3 vs. Garner Homeschool (8/31) JH: Again, Thales succeeds at winning! In first, second and third for the girls are Bella Frey, Cassie Pratt, and Maddie Wilson. For the boys, Nate Williams came in second, Graves Boyer in fourth, and Hayes Weatherman in fifth.

Meet 3 vs. Triangle Math and Science (8/28) HS: This meet allowed the team to continue its winning streak of 3 meets in a row.


Meet 4 vs. MSR (9/5) JH: Thales wins again. Cassie Pratt came in first, Maddie Wilson in second, and Maddie Langosch came in fourth. This meet was only for the girls’ team.

Meet 4 vs. Mt. Zion, Wilson Prep Academy, and TMSA (9/11) HS: While this was the first loss of the HS team, they put in a valiant effort and managed to make second place out of 4, right behind Mt. Zion.


Meet 5 vs. Life Spring (9-7) JH: Again, Thales wins. Once again, this was a meet with only the girls’ team. Also, Cassie Pratt came in first, Maddie Wilson came in second, and Maddie Langosch came in third.

Meet 5 vs. Wilson Prep Academy (10/2) HS: Despite their previous loss, the team picked themselves back up again and tried even harder, beating the Wilson Prep Academy who they had gone up against and beaten the previous meet as well.


Meet 6 vs. Iron Academy(10/6) HS: Starting up another streak of wins, our team claimed victory against Iron Academy.


CAASC State Championship: In the championship, our team took third place, which is quite impressive considering how stiff the competition was.


An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Bonin:

Q: Compared to last season, how do you think the team did?

A: “I think the team did very well. They did very well and we had some additional runners that did not run last year.”


Q: What do you think was the team’s strongest meet?

A: “I would have to say Mt. Zion though they lost because they showed the most heart. It speaks to their level of dedication. In my opinion it was the hardest they had to work.”


Q: What was their weakest?

A: “I would say probably the conference championship because we were dealing with some sickness and injury.”


Q: Do you have any runners who deserve recognition for their performance?

A:”Grant Dorcheimer and Noah Berman.”


Q: Do you think the teams improved over the course of the season or not?

A:”I do. I think a lot of the runners have become consistently faster over the course of the year especially the beginning runners who have just started cross country.”

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