Administrator Spotlight: Mrs. Edwards

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Administrator Spotlight: Mrs. Edwards

Maggie Von Canon, Staff Writer

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A Thales Times reporter was able to interview Mrs. Edwards. The following is a transcript of a segment of the interview.


Thales Times Reporter (TTR): One thing that many of your students were curious about was knowing if you have any kids.


Mrs. Edwards (Mrs. E): I have two children. I have Eli, who is in Thales Raleigh, and I have Della Rae, who is two and a half.


TTR: What is your favorite food?


Mrs. E: I kinda love pizza, but I don’t eat a lot of it,  because it doesn’t love me.


TTR: What is your favorite movie?


Mrs. E: Remember the Titans!


TTR: What is your favorite book?


Mrs. E: Oh… You’re asking a literature teacher what her favorite book is. That is like asking a musician what their favorite song is. I love The Outsiders, by S. E. Henton, I love The Book Thief, Jane Eyre. I have a lot of favorite books. It’s hard for me not to find something to like about every book ever.


TTR: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?


Mrs. E: A teacher.


TTR: What is one job you have as part of your role as principal that you think would surprise most people?


Mrs. E: I do a lot of janitorial work, and I do a lot of carpool management, neither of which I had any of classes in college for!


TTR: And are there any questions or answers that you feel like your students should know?


Mrs. E: No, if they have any more questions that they just need answered, they can stop by my office!

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