What LIT is and Why You Should Join

Dillon Weidner, Staff Writer

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Hello Thales Academy students! My name is Dillon Weidner, and I am here to tell you about Luddy Institute of Technology, or LIT for short, and why YOU should join it. I have been taking this class since my freshman year in high school because that is when this class is first offered to students. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and I advise you to take it.

Currently in LIT 1, the ninth graders are designing and building paper helicopters. The competition was to have the helicopter stay in the air the longest when dropped over the mezzanine and make it accurate so that it falls straight to the ground rather than drift sideways. After they were done building the helicopters, they made presentations to the class on what they designed and built. Now, they are going to be designing and building bottle rockets, which I also did in my ninth grade year and I know from experience that it is a lot fun!

In LIT 3, which is what I am currently taking, we are building robots and learning about electricity and gear ratios. Dr. Church, the teacher of LIT, says “It allows them to demonstrate what they can do rather than what they know.” LIT is different from most classes because you are building things rather than taking tests on material you have to memorize, learn, and remember.

LIT is a unique class in this school, and if you are not sure about which elective to join, join LIT because it is a lot of fun and you learn a lot about how to build things. LIT inspires students to consider engineering and a technological job as a career, and LIT is a great way to learn about those options. Teamwork and leadership are constantly being used and what you learn from this class can apply to pretty much anything in your life. What more would you want in an elective? Go and join LIT and learn about engineering!

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