Junior Classical League

Will Walters

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Have you heard of JCL? You might know someone in it. Both junior high and high school students can participate in Junior Classical League (JCL). The group meets every Thursday with Magistrā Canipe and Magistrā Herring. A Thales Times reporter was able to talk to Magistram Canipe and ask  her about what students should know about the Junior Classical League.

Magistra Canipe told the Thales Times that JCL has something for everyone. They offer drawing, writing, costume, and skit competitions. JCL also features Certamen which means “contest” in Latin. It is similar to Quiz Bowl, but it is about Rome and Greece and their respective cultures. Magistra Canipe calls it, “The NBA of JCL,” because it is fast-paced and fun to watch. Certamen is coached by Magistram Herring and Magistram Canipe. She hopes by the end of the year all of the students will feel good about what they have accomplished in JCL.

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