Junior High Cross Country

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This year, the Thales Junior High (JH) cross country team is bigger than ever! In the 2016-17 school year. there were only 30 members. This year, there are 67 members! The coaches for the JH cross country are Coach Brown and Coach Harris. Mrs. Boriotti and Mr. Quakenbos also assist the team. Coach Brown’s favorite thing about cross country is getting to know and work with students outside the classroom. She says, “Watching them strive to achieve non-academic goals is fun and fulfilling as a teacher and a coach. Also, runners tend to be be really open and honest- we have lots of time to talk while we log those miles.”  Coach Brown says you should join cross country for, “good fun, good friends, and good exercise. It’s a great way to be a part of a team and make lots of new friends while challenging yourself and others.”  As you can tell there has been a huge increase in the cross country team, and I bet you’re wondering why. Well, this is what Coach Brown says about it,”I think it’s a combination of factors. For most, they want to be part of a team. For some, they want to push themselves to their limits. For others, they want to win trophies, like we did last year! And for a few, I’m sure their parents made them! Regardless, we’re all here to run and have fun!” Coach Brown thinks that the competitive spirit is what  makes cross country so much fun. “You are are always competing with yourself to improve your personal best times and, at the same time, you are competing against other runners. There is also special camaraderie from being in a small pace group within the larger team.” What  makes cross country different than other sports, you may ask? Coach Brown says,” As the saying goes, ‘Our sport is your sport’s punishment.’ Runners are tough, and distance running takes grit, motivation, and lots of practice. We compete in all weather and all terrains, so every race is different than the last.”

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