Junior High School Soccer

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Soccer is one of the sports that has experienced so much growth this year at Thales Academy. The Junior High Soccer team is coached by Coach Haas. The team is hard at work each evening sharpening their skills in soccer and preparing for the next match.

So far the team has completed 3 matches and has been doing quite impressively so far with two wins and one draw.

First game they played was away on August 22nd. They destroyed our rivals at Thales Apex with a score of 11-2. The mercy rule was applied to the game because the team was winning by nine points. The top scorer was Drew Garro with 5 goals. CJ Gulla scored 1 goal. Justin Cusano scored 1 goal. David Lairson scored 2 goals and Jake Marchetta scored 2 goals. Drew Garro had 1 assist, CJ Gulia had 2 assists, David Lairson had 2 assists, and Jake Marchetta had 2 assists.

Second game played was away on August 24th. The Knights pulled out a 4-0 victory against the Friendship Charter Falcons. Drew Garro, Gabriel Norris, Jake Marchetta and Andon Copp all scored one goal. CJ Gulia had 2 assists, Justin Cusano had 1 assist, and Carter Bestafka had 1 assist.

Match 3 (Away-August 29th): The Thales Knights had a draw with Magellan Charter Mariners with a score of 2-2. Drew Garro scored 2 times and Jake Marchetta assisted both of those goals.

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