High School Cross Country

Grayson Sakell

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One of the numerous sports here at Thales Academy is cross country. In cross country, the goal is to win a race. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines cross country as “of or relating to racing or skiing over the countryside instead of over a track or run.” In layman’s terms: you run, but not on a track.

However, neither definition gives the effort and physical prowess required to be successful at cross country justice. The average cross country race is 3.1 miles long (or 4.989 kilometers).

The average mile run time for a freshman is about eight minutes. Now, imagine having to do that three times over. Do you want to? Perhaps you want to enjoy the glory of victory in the form of running? If you’re thinking yes to either question, then you may have the makings of a future cross country runner!

Congratulations to all of Thales Rolesville’s cross country runners on a job well done so far this season. Their first meet they won 21-43. For those who are unfamiliar with Cross Country scoring, it is like golf. The lowest score wins!


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